VoIP Prominent Features

By: Joshua Pursel
Regular phone landlines are becoming obsolete. As more people become aware of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems the more  people are leaving traditional phone systems behind. With VoIP you get a superior system in nearly every way and all at a fraction of the cost, some customers reporting upwards of 50% savings on their phone bill. VoIP has a multitude of features to help elevate your business’s phone capabilities. In this article, we want to touch on just a few of the most prominent VoIP features that can elevate your business.

Key Features:

1. Call Recording
Your business handles a multitude of important phone calls all the time. With call recording you never have to worry about missing a detail from a client. Once you setup call recording you will always be able to playback important customer service or sales calls.
2. Automated Attendant
The automated attendant is a feature offered through VoIP that will answer any incoming calls to your business and then send them to the proper extensions in your business.  There are different levels to automated attendants, from basic prerecorded messages all the up to the ability to route to multiple extensions if your business is extremely large and has a lot of incoming calls.
3. Text Messaging
With VoIP you can open a whole new avenue for your clients to communicate with you if you choose to do so. You can send and receive text messages on your business phone with VoIP, this opens the door for communication with customers to who prefer the ease of texting.
4. Porting
One of the main concerns with switching to VoIP is will it be easy to transition and will I be able to keep my current numbers. The answer to both of these questions is Yes! Your customers will never even know you switched systems it’s that easy.
5.  Call Analytics
Most good decisions are made based on data. Your phones can be another source of data collection for you, collecting info such as, individual worker performance, call session metrics and a variety of others.
6. Video Conferencing
With the world being as crazy as it is today one of the most vital features VoIP can offer your business is a built in video conferencing feature. A platform for you to connect visually with your co-workers and clients.
7. End User Portal
You will have access to a dashboard online where you will have all the same abilities you would if you were  making calls on your physical phone. You will also have the ability to see/manage other phone calls happening on your system in real-time.
8. Conference Calling
With VoIP conference calling you will be able to keep your employees connected. Teamwork is a vital component to any successful business and with conference calling you will be able to remain connected and productive with your teams.
9. Voicemail to Text
Never misinterpret a critical detail with VoIP voicemail to text. You will be able to read messages from your voicemail so you can double check you clearly understand everything the person on the other side is communicating with you.
10. Call Routing
With call routing you can specifically setup how incoming calls are directed throughout your staff. You can choose how this happens through a variety of different criteria to ensure you are always matching your caller with the correct staff.
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