VoIP Phone System

GBT Cloud offers an all inclusive VoIP system designed to slice your phone payments nearly in half. Our plans are designed on a cost per extension basis so you only pay for what you need.

With VoIP you get a variety of features such as  a web client  where you can see all calls happening on your system, voicemail customization,  video conferencing and tons of other features to make your life simpler. All you pay for is your extensions and we will customize your phones to your specifications then it is as easy as plug and play. All you need is an internet connection and you’ll be ready to increase your phone systems capabilites.

Choose Your Plan

1-5 extensions - $30

6-15 extensions - $25

16+ extensions - $20


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Why Choose GBT Cloud?

High Availability

As long as you have an internet connection you can operate with the 3CX system.

Low Cost

The purpose of VoIP is to deliver you the same service as regular phone systems at a much cheaper rate.

Free Support

We understand things happen and when they do we are willing to fix any issues free of charge.

Customizable Setup

We can setup the phones with the features you want and leave out the features you won’t use to create an easy to use system that suits your needs.


As your business grows and you need more resources we can seamlessly grow with you.

99.999% Uptime SLA

Less than 5 minutes of downtime per month. We are dedicated to delivering you the service you pay for


Frequently asked questions


How much does your VoIP system cost?

Our current pricing is based on the number of extensions needed. 1-5 ext are $30/ext. 6-15 ext are $26/ext . 16+ ext are $20/month and all are billed on a monthly basis. 

Can you integrate our current numbers and information?

Yes, GBTCloud will integrate your information so you retain your current numbers and other information you would like.

Installation and setup?

We will customize the phones to your specifications and and then come to your location and set them up for you.

Support costs?

All support after installation is included free of charge.

Do we have to pay extra for features?

Nope, GBTCloud includes all of our features into your phone system regardless of how much you are paying.

What if our internet goes out?

If your internet goes out you can hookup to a mobile hotspot and use your mobile phone the same as you would a landline or use the 3CX app on your phone with data.