Fully Customizable Private Cloud

A private cloud gives you the benefits of a public cloud like self-service and scalability but with the additional benefits of security, customization and control.

At GBT Cloud our private cloud offerings provide top of the class virtual machines in a private computing and network environment to your business. built on VMware and supported by flash storage and top of the line servers, we provide the most up-time for your application or business.

Virtual Private Cloud Plans

  • PlanDCP-32R-100SSD-12vCPU
  • CPU12vCPU
  • Memory32GB
  • Storage100GB SSD
  • Port10GB NIC
  • TypeWindows Server 2016
  • Price$135.00/month
  • PlanDCP-16R-100SSD-16vCPU
  • CPU16vCPU
  • Memory16GB
  • Storage100GB SSD
  • Port10GB NIC
  • TypeWindows Server 2016
  • Price$140.00/month
  • PlanDCP-32R-100SSD-16vCPU
  • CPU16vCPU
  • Memory32GB
  • Storage100GB SSD
  • Port10GB NIC
  • TypeWindows Server 2016
  • Price$165.00/month
  • PlanDCP-64R-100SSD-32vCPU
  • CPU32vCPU
  • Memory64GB
  • Storage100GB SSD
  • Port10GB NIC
  • TypeWindows Server 2019
  • Price$275.00/month

Use Cases

Choose a private cloud when security, control and performance are your top priority.

Workloads and data with demanding security requirements

Data sovereignty


Mission-critical business applications

Applications that require high performance

Test/dev environments and application development

Addressing compliance regulations

Data center consolidation and extension

Disaster recovery

How Private Cloud Helps Your Business


Private clouds help businesses focus on security and analytics instead of provisioning and maintaining resources 


For companies that need to comply with government regulations and need increased security a private cloud is perfect


A private cloud offers more flexibility for the company as it evolves and grows 


Increased performance due to resources being devoted to one organization.


Frequently asked questions


What is your remote hands pricing schedule like?

Our current remote hands pricing schedule is $105/hr USD

Will you announce my own IPv4/IPv6 space?

Yes GBT Cloud will provide this information for a small fee f $15.00 USD

What is your shipping address where I can ship my equipment to?

You  can ship your equipment to GBTCloud Inc, 1506 Moran Road, Sterling VA 20166

How much DDoS Protection is included with these colocation packages?

Currently our colocation packages do not include any DDoS protection but it is available as an add-on

Is any IPv6 space included?

We can include IPv6 space to meet a customers needs

Do you track the health of my server?

GBT Cloud provides Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPmi) which provides management and monitoring capabilities independent of the host’s system