An Introduction to Virtual Private Servers

By: Joshua Pursel
As businesses grow, their needs begin to expand as well. As you start gaining more traffic to your website you will probably need to start looking into servers so you can handle everything your business needs. You will probably come across a type of server called a Virtual Private Server (VPS).
A VPS is a very common solution to businesses problems because they are offer a lot of resources and at a cheaper price than bare-metal dedicated servers. In this article we will be explaining what a VPS is, how it works, what businesses can benefit from a VPS and how you can get one today!

What does it do?

A virtual private server is one physical server that, using virtualization technology, has seemingly been chopped into multiple virtual servers. 
All of the smaller virtual servers are private and enclosed within the cloud. The data within each segment cannot accessed by other people sharing the physical servers space. You also aren’t sharing the resources like RAM, CPU, etc. it is all private and only utilized by your business. 

What does it do/How does it work?

A server is pretty much a computer with extra power designed to operate 24/7/365 without failing and it is where you store all the files and information needed for your business. A VPS is essentially a simulation of a physical server and the machine that is simulating your server is also simulating other peoples servers as well, all in the one machine.
With the virtualization technology, your provider divides the server into different rooms like in a hotel and allows each person to install their own OS and software into their room. Everyone is in the same building but they all have their own space to operate their businesses.
Privacy is a critical factor to business owners and we are here to assure you that even though everyone’s information is in the same “building” it is all separated from each other and privacy is guaranteed. No one in your “building” can get into your information and data. Using a VPS allows you to run your business within a secure area with guaranteed resources (CPU cores, memory, disk space, etc.) all of which can be customized by you.

Why get a VPS?

The beauty of a VPS is the customization that allows for business from new start-ups to medium sized companies to operate with it.  A VPS is like the middle ground between shared hosting and a dedicated server, for when you need more power than shared hosting but not quite the power of a dedicated server.
It also offers scalability so while your business grows you can seamlessly add more resources to your server to accommodate your needs. If you buy a VPS and then in a few months see your business has continued growth you don’t have feel stuck and wishing you got more resources for your server. Contact your hosting service and you can seamlessly add more resources into your server until your needs are met. Until you grow big enough that you require a dedicated server usually a VPS is a great option to consider. 

In Summary

If you are a new or growing business, it is worth your time to explore VPS options and if it is right for you. They offer incredible power and performance for their price and you get your own personalized space to operate your business. If your business begins to grow you can seamlessly upgrade your servers resources as well.
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