Cloud Computing Overview

July 14th, 2020 By: Joshua Pursel What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is the future of how we save data and how we operate our businesses on the web. It also is a topic most people do not truly understand how to utilize. In this article I want to try to explain what cloud computing […]

Dedicated Server Hosting

By: Joshua Pursel July 7, 2020 If you have got a growing business on your hands the last thing you want is that growth being slowed or halted because your bandwidth can’t handle the traffic to your website. If people can’t access your website that will directly lead to lost sales for your business. A […]

The Future of Business Phone Systems

June 16th, 2020 by Joshua Pursel In business, we use phones every day of our lives without much thought of what phones were like in the past or where the technology is headed in the future. Without phones these businesses probably would not be at the scale they are now. In this article, we will […]

An Introduction to Virtual Private Servers

6/29/2020 By: Joshua Pursel As businesses grow, their needs begin to expand as well. As you start gaining more traffic to your website you will probably need to start looking into servers so you can handle everything your business needs. You will probably come across a type of server called a Virtual Private Server (VPS). […]

VoIP Prominent Features

By: Joshua Pursel Regular phone landlines are becoming obsolete. As more people become aware of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems the more¬† people are leaving traditional phone systems behind. With VoIP you get a superior system in nearly every way and all at a fraction of the cost, some customers reporting upwards of 50% […]