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Dedicated Server Hosting

Bare metal servers are becoming the most sought after service in the hosting environment. At GBT Cloud we offer a variety of bare metal server options, from  budget level dedicated servers to top-grade enterprise servers.

If your business needs the utmost power and security then a dedicated server is what you’re looking for. Bare-metal servers are single-tenant, physical servers that are dedicated to your business. They are a step-up in power and security compared to a Private Cloud.


Dedicated Server Plans

  • PlanDU-15
  • CPU1x E3-1270V6
  • Memory32GB
  • Storage256GB SSD
  • Bandwidth15Tb on 1gbps
  • IPSpace/29 IP space
  • Price$135.00/month
  • PlanDU-21
  • CPU2x E5-2690V2
  • Memory256GB
  • Storage4x960GB SSD
  • Bandwidth10GB Nic
  • IPSpace/29 IP space
  • Price$425.00/month
  • PlanDU-22
  • CPU2X L5630
  • Memory24GB
  • Storage500GB HDD
  • Bandwidth25TB on 1gbps
  • IPSpace -
  • Price$105.00/month

+ Add software, OS licenses, extra bandwidth, IP addresses, and more…


Operating Systems

  • CentOSinstall-centos-7-logo - PHEONIX SOLUTIONS
  • See What's New in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Flavors - OMG! Ubuntu!
  • Open Suseubuntu – from 16.04 to 18.04 – Blogging googling
  • DebianDebian GNU/Linux 9

Why Choose GBT Cloud Bare Metal Servers?


High Availability

Our systems are continuously operational to make sure you can rune our businesses as needed

Fully Managed

All the power of having your own servers but we take care of them so you can focus on growing your business

DDoS Protection

Keep your servers safe from any potential attacks

Traffic Route Optimized

Measures important network performance metrics to ensure automatic reroutes of the traffic through best performing ISP

Free Snapshot Backup

Restore your system back to a specific time

99.999% Uptime SLA

Less than 5 minutes of downtime per month. We are dedicated to delivering you the service you pay for

Frequently asked questions


What is your remote hands pricing schedule like?

Our current remote hands pricing schedule is $105/hr USD

Will you announce my own IPv4/IPv6 space?

Yes GBT Cloud will provide this information for a small fee of $15.00 USD

What is your shipping address where I can ship my equipment to?

You can ship your equipment to GBTCloud Inc, 1506 Moran Road, Sterling VA 20166

How much DDoS Protection is included with these colocation packages?

Currently our colocation packages do not include any DDoS protection but is available as an add-on

Is any IPv6 space included?

We can include IPv6 space to meet a customers needs

Do you track the health of my server?

GBT Cloud provides Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPmi) which provides management and monitoring capabilities independent of the host’s system